Rallyverse Launches Ability To Instantly Customize Social Content For New Users

Curation Platform Also Adds Local Content and Real-Time Keyword Customization

May 8, 2012 – During its NY Tech Meetup demo last night, Rallyverse demonstrated how it can instantly deliver customized content for social media distribution by brands, services, and other businesses.

Rallyverse can now get brands started in just minutes with brand-relevant and real-time content recommendations. Through a simple five-step process, Rallyverse algorithmically discovers a brand’s social interest graph and immediately delivers the best matching content back to the client for review. Built for both scale and personalization, Rallyverse allows the brand to interact and adjust its interest graph through keyword suggestions, selecting hand-curated categories of content from Rallyverse and adding its owned content from social networks such as YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram as well as its own blogs and CMS content.

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“So many social media platforms take days, if not weeks or even months, to get clients up and running. Because Rallyverse is primarily a technology company, we’ve been able to develop our platform with the intelligence to understand a client’s needs with minimal input and deliver the most relevant recommendations in the fastest and easiest way possible,” said Joe Doran, Rallyverse co-founder and CEO.

“A smart, human voice is always going to drive a brand’s social strategy. Our challenge is building smart technology that can, in very short order, understand a brand’s interests and empower those human voices to do more in social media, and to do it more efficiently,” said Gabe Bevliacqua, co-founder and Vice President of Business Development.

Rallyverse has also rolled out a set of new updates to enable users to customize and refine their Rallydeck content recommendations. Users can modify their keyword-based content in real-time, so they can quickly add (or remove) a trending topic. Additionally, clients using Rallyverse’s enterprise solution, Rallynet, can now easily add local news sources to their feed, giving branch locations or agents in the field the ability to add locally relevant content to the branded content shared by their central marketing team.

Other updates include a new personalized learning algorithm that improves the user’s content recommendations over time, so the more they use the platform, the better the recommendations will be; the opportunity to enter a brand’s previously posted owned content (Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, etc.) seamlessly into the Rallydeck as primary content sources; the integration of social media conversations, which allows users to respond to Twitter and Facebook feedback directly from the Rallydeck.

To learn more about Rallyverse’s new instant customization tool and other new features from the Rallyverse team, please visit Rallyverse Blog

About Rallyverse:

Rallyverse (http://www.rallyverse.com) helps brands discover, curate and share great content in owned and paid social media. Rallyverse monitors trending conversations across the social web to discover, curate and recommend the most relevant content for brands — creating ready-topublish status updates, tweets, and ads.

Founded in 2010, Rallyverse has experience helping clients scale social marketing in financial services, automotive, technology, real estate and retail. The company is based in New York City. For more information about Rallyverse’s solutions for brands, visit Rallyverse.com, or send an email to sales@rallyverse.com.


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