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What’s New In Rallyverse: The Editor

By , on January 13, 2015 at 9:41 am

This is the second in a series of posts on the new version of Rallyverse. If you’re not yet using the new version yet, just click the link at the top of your Rallydeck. If you have questions, just get in touch.¬†Up today is the new Rallyverse Editor.

New Editor

The most obvious change in the Rallyverse Editor is its size. Instead of a small window sitting atop your content results, the Editor now takes up your entire browser window, and leaves you a bunch more room to maneuver. What are we doing with all that space?

Information In Context

We’ve split the Editor into two parts. The left part of the screen is where you edit, save and schedule your posts, along with where you can add Tags and Targeting and include them in your Social Selling Lists or Content Hubs. And when you take those actions on a post, the right side of the screen will display information that makes you more productive.¬†Scheduling something? Your content calendar appears. Changing an image? No problem. Emailing something? We’ll pop up an address bar for you.

Paper Trails

When you’re working with a team on content marketing, it’s helpful to know which team member took which actions on a post. That’s why we now include summary information on the last action taken on every post — who took an action, what action they took, and when they took the action. Curious to see who scheduled that post for Monday at 3 pm? We’ve got you covered, right in the Editor.

Post Previews

Rallyverse Editor Preview

Want to see what your post will look like on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn before it goes out? Click the preview buttons to see a sneak preview of your post as we expect it to appear on each of the networks, including appropriate image sizing.

Our complete set of posts on the new Rallyverse includes:

Home Screen


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