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What’s New In Rallyverse: Settings

By , on January 16, 2015 at 12:26 pm

This is fifth in series of posts on the new version of Rallyverse. If you’re not yet using the new version yet, just click the link at the top of your Rallydeck. If you have questions, just get in touch. Up today are the new Rallyverse Settings.

While you may not visit Settings every day, they’re essential to making to sure that you have the right content and publishing options to execute your content marketing strategy with Rallyverse. With this update, we’ve reorganized the Settings to accommodate the current status of the platform and introduced some steps to give users more control over changes to Settings.

New Rallyverse Settings

A (Slightly) Different Taxonomy

Rallyverse has grown. To be honest, our old Settings pages were struggling to keep up. So we’ve reorganized around a clearer taxonomy, one that carves out separate spaces for connecting to social network, setting up post tracking and managing your content inputs. We’ve also added some choices (keep an eye on these — lots more coming soon here) for how content is ranked and how we deliver your notifications.

New Rallyverse Settings Taxonomy

Don’t Forget To Save Your Changes

We used to automatically save any changes you made to your Settings, but that could be a little confusing at times. So we decided to go old school and add an actual “Save Profile” button. Don’t worry, we’ll remind you when you make any change that you need to save.

New Rallyverse Settings

More Control

We’ve added more controls around how content is ranked and filtered under “Ranking” as well as new tools for managing your notifications and deeper controls for Admin users. Stay tuned for updates as these sections get filled out.

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