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What’s New In Rallyverse: Creator

By , on January 15, 2015 at 5:11 pm

This is fourth in series of posts on the new version of Rallyverse. If you’re not yet using the new version yet, just click the link at the top of your Rallydeck. If you have questions, just get in touch. Up today is the new Rallyverse Creator.

New Rallyverse Creator

A big part of any content strategy is creating your own content, be it for social media or for your blog or landing pages. With the new Creator in Rallyverse, we’re giving you richer tools to create posts on all the topics that make sense for you. When you click the green Creator icon, we present you with a blank palette — but you can easily build from there.

Search Our Index

Rallyverse Creator Search

If you know what you want to talk about, but don’t have anything handy to share, you can search for content in our real-time index. Our index contains all the sources we’re examining to recommend content. The results are sorted in reverse chronological order so you get the most recent results at the top of your list.

Bring Your Own URL

Creator Add URL

If you have an article, video or image you’d like to share, you can drop the URL directly into the composer window and Rallyverse will fetch the all the relevant metadata (title, description, image) and help you to build a post.

Trending Topics, Twitter Hashtags, Your All-Stars

Still at a loss for what to post? You can sort content by trending topics, what’s trending on Twitter, your top keywords or even re-post your most popular content from the past seven days with quick access to your All-Star posts.

Our complete set of posts on the new Rallyverse includes:

Home Screen





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