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What social networks am I connected to in Rallyverse?

By , on February 24, 2016 at 6:30 am

What networks am I connected to in Rallyverse? Great question and one we get a lot from our clients that are often managing multiple brands or campaigns for brands.  

Rallyverse Profile Card

When you are managing social and content publishing for a host of accounts, it is sometimes hard to remember what account you are working on right now. Well in Rallyverse we tell you what account you are working everywhere so you always know what account you are working on. Now if you are a content marketing or social media agency it is critical you know what social media or word press account you are working on so you only do what is appropriate for that brand. That is also why we remind you everywhere in Rallyverse what accounts you are working on.

We have 5 ways to remind you what account you are working on.
1) The Welcome Screen
When you first log into Rallyverse we will give you a login screen. The log in screen tells you who you are logged in as and what account you are working on as you can see in this screenshot.
Welcome Screen
2) Your profile pic.
Your profile picture is the Twitter Profile image for the Twitter account connected to that profile.

3) Your Profile Card
Your profile card is a simple way to see your current profile settings without leaving the current screen. Just click on your profile picture in the upper right corner and then click on your profile name.

Rallyverse Profile Card

You will see your current profile, your connected social networks, your plan and a quick search box to navigate to other profiles. Pretty neat right?

4) Settings
You can click on the gear icon to navigate to the settings. By default you land on the content tab on settings. Just click on the Social Networks tab and you will see all your current social networks you are connected to. 

Rallyverse Settings Social Networks

5) Help
Just click on the question mark to bring up the help files. From here our first tutorial screen is connecting to social networks. Just click on that and you will be brought to a screen where you can connect your social networks. If you are already connected we show you want networks and accounts you are connected to.


 Don’t have a Rallyverse account yet? What are you waiting for, go get one now!

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