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Weekend Warriors: 3 Reasons You Should Schedule Content For Weekends

By , on October 17, 2014 at 2:31 pm


1. Your audience is there.

Really there. Not scrolling, zooming, clicking, texting, talking…in addition to “reading.”

On the weekends, readers aren’t usually (as) inundated by work deadlines, familiar duties, cooking responsibilities, networking events, general stress and mayhem.

This means the brilliance you post will more likely be consumed without distractions. You write pure content magic –> that magic really sinks in and gets digested by a captive audience. Or at least that’s the weekend dream, anyways.

2. People want to relax.

You know what makes people happy? Relaxing. You know what a lot of people do to relax? Read. The weekends are when I get the deepest in my blog archives. I go the extra mile and click the “previous posts” arrow. Weekends are also the time I dive into that stack of New Yorkers that somehow keeps piling up. People who want to be reading—print or digital—are more likely to feel positively about your content when they are happily weekending.

(I’m always a little surprised that the blogs that are brimming with content Monday through Friday… aren’t very frequently updated on weekends. I end up tearing through a bunch of them, catching up on the week’s worth of news, but still wanting something fresh too.)

3. Your content is probably better.

Okay here’s my unpopular opinion: Go above and beyond scheduling content on the weekend—write it on the weekend. Or at least that most important article.

Are you writing a post on a Saturday? Then Reasons 1 & 2 above apply. You, the author, will be more focused, rested and relaxed. You’re sitting in your pajamas, probably. Relaxing and writing superior quality content. It’s nice.

Writing on a Friday? That’s okay too, you’re probably feeling pretty good because the weekend is coming, and you don’t have any posts to write.

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