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We Share Cool Sh*t on the Internet And You Can Too: March 8, 2012

By , on March 8, 2013 at 12:04 pm

At Rallyverse, we often say that what you share says a lot about who who are. So to further explore that notion, we’re starting a regular blog series where  members of the Rallyverse team share content that they’ve shared over the past week. Our hope is that you’ll discover something that informs and inspires you — or just makes want to share cool stuff from the Internet. Either way, we’re cool.


Joe Doran, Co-Founder and CEO

GigaOm: Facebook buys Atlas Advertiser  

Joe says: “Facebook now has web-wide ad performance data so they can tell brands how well Facebook works across all channels. Huge move for them in delivering a robust solution for agency and brands.”

TechCrunch: Facebook’s News Feed, A Skittish Gift Horse

Joe says: “Very telling post on how Facebook uses edgerank for their own benefit.  And more importantly why you need a technology platform to help you break through and combat Edgerank.”

Gabe Bevilacqua, Co-founder and VP of Biz Dev

Uni Watch: A Look at a 1935 Umbro Soccer Uniform Catalog

 Gabe says: “The less we say about my imaginary sports uniform tendencies, the better. But my Flickr page is particularly damning.”

The Atlantic: Why Are There No Big Cities with Municipal Broadband Networks?

Gabe says: “After we fought with Time Warner to get the appropriate internet service set up for our fancy new offices for the better part of a month, well, I’m certainly tempted by tales of the grass being greener.”

Uproxx: Remembering Mr. Rogers On The Tenth Anniversary Of His Death

Gabe says: “Yeah, so we watch a lot of Mr. Rogers at our house (thanks, Amazon Prime!). And it is absolutely worth your time to learn more about this guy.”

Kathryn Doran, Director of Relationship Management

 Kathryn says: “Proof that a teenage boy can make brownies.”

The Mouthy Housewives: Hey Little Lady, Come Take a Look at This Toy Car

 Washington Post – On Parenting: Helping your kids navigate the stormy seas of social media


Seamus Condron, Senior Manager, Community and Customer Marketing

Vulture: Jeffrey Tambor Shares Eight Behind-the-scenes Stories from The Larry Sanders Show

Seamus says: “One of the best TV comedies of all times, in addition to being my favorite “show about show business.”  It had the disadvantage of running during Seinfeld’s heyday, as well as being on a small, still fledgling HBO. But you can watch it now in a number of places, streaming and otherwise. This is a great nostalgia trip for fans of Hank “Hey Now” Kingsley.”

Introducing Rallyverse Comics

  Seamus says: “This week I came across this awesome tool that lets you make comics in the style of  xkcd using html markup. We experiment with creative like this to drive leads, so hopefully Rallyverse comics will be as sucessful as Rallyverse Memes.”

No further explanation needed:


Jason Reynolds, Senior Web Developer

Bokardo: Three Rules of Rapid Prototyping

Jason says: “What’s not to like about Google Glass? Welcome to the 21st century. On top of that, rapid prototyping is a core part of our work as a technology startup so tips are always welcome.”

Yaniv Dassa, Sales Engineer

Yaniv says: “A use for the new Google technology that every guy had in mind…. “


Until next time, keep on shaking.


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