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We made some changes: new top nav, say hello to SmartQueue, Owned is now Brand

By , on June 4, 2015 at 12:01 pm

We’ve just released a set of small but helpful updates to the Rallyverse user experience. Here’s the list:

1. New Top Nav

The most obvious is an update to the top nav bar. We’ve moved the icons for Settings and Help out of the Profile submenu and into the top nav bar.  

This means that your Settings are a click closer for when you want to update your keywords and categories and that we have an easier path to access our help content (which is all still GIFs, in case you were wondering).  

2. Say hello to SmartQueue

We’ve renamed “Optimized” scheduling “SmartQueue.” We believe the new name more clearly describes how this feature works, in that it allows the user to add items to a publishing queue and then allow Rallyverse to publish them at user-controlled intervals. 

3. Owned is now Brand

Another label change, but one we think is long overdue. We’ve been using “Owned” for a while as a label for a brand’s first-party content assets (either on their own domain or on distributed social accounts). We’re now calling that Brand content, and it’s found in your searchable Brand Library. 



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