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This New Year’s, lose a few (followers)

By , on December 29, 2014 at 10:37 am

Last week, the phrase Instagram filter took on a whole new meaning when the social media giant removed millions of spam accounts, bots and other trash clogging up its all-powerful network. Justin Bieber took a monster hit. You may have felt the reverberations as well. But, before you despair about your reduced following, consider cutting back some more.

You’re probably following too many people across too many networks. You also definitely already know this. How often do you complain about that person you met once/your ex-girlfriend’s first cousin/someone you went to elementary school/someone you don’t even remember’s muploads inundating your news feed? Sure, that 3,000 friend count feels good—but don’t you think you’d be less bored with social media if it served you up content from people you actually cared about?

If you’re too nervous about the serious repercussions that come from unfriendship (and, I mean that seriously, because unfriending someone you actually do know is certainly one of the cruelest acts of passive aggression), then start “Hiding.” Start being selective about whom you are following and liberal with whom you’re quieting. Besides, none of this is set in stone, you can cycle new people in and out, to match the ebb and flow of your life. You can even use lists and groups to organize your friends and followers.

Ask yourself these questions to see if a questionable “friend” makes the cut:

1)    When was the last time you talked to this person?

2)    When was the last time you emailed/interacted on the internet with this person?

3)    Is this a person who could mis-use any information about you available on the platform?

4)    Is this a person who obviously only connected with you because of someone else?

5)    Are you trying to network in some way with this person?

6)    Will you ever realistically see this person again (think about it…)?

7)    Do you feel annoyed when you see this person’s content?

8)    Do you feel anything when you see this person’s content?

9)    Is this person someone who would feel negatively from seeing your content?

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