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The Florida Gulf Coast Dynasty, All The Damn Scaffolding, And Other Things We Shared This Week

By , on March 29, 2013 at 12:57 pm


Each and every week, the Rallyverse team shares something that caught their interest. Here’s what we have for you this week.


“This one goes for all Italian soccer fans. Are the glory days of this magnificent league behind us? Some say that is has fallen behind the Premier League, La Liga & the Bundesliga. I don’t agree….what do you think?”


“Bummed MSFT getting crushed in this Rant but sooo true.”


“I’m including this one just because I’m still astonished that there’s really been scaffolding in the same sport for six years. I feel like this should be a Bloomberg priority as soon as he gets over the soda thing.”

NY POST: There’s been scaffolding in the same spot on Eighth Avenue for six years? 


“Meet the real “Mechanical Turk”. This is an interesting piece about the brilliant hoax of the 18th century.”


“I am contributing my post from a new account that I started called Healthy Snacks. This is to test cooking category feeds and of course for people who loves cooking new dishes”


 “The talk of this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament is Florida Gulf Coast University, a storied institution of higher learning since 1997 which may or may not have been funded by drug money. It’s located in Fort Meyers, so at least there are plenty of things for a young person to occupy their time with— like finding the best early bird special in town. Plus, Miami is only a brisk three hour drive away. The FGCU era may come to an abrupt end tonight, but it’s been a hell of a ride, both for them and their scores of new fans on Twitter.”

The 27 Best Jokes About A Random School Called Florida Gulf Coast Rocking The Tournament


“The debate over closed versus open ecosystems is continually fascinating. Apple vs Microsoft in the OS world. Apple vs Google in the app world. Closed undoubtedly makes for a cleaner experience but you just the sheer size of open is unmatchable. At the scale of the giants it’s kind of moot, right? Is Apple’s app store small? I’ll take that revenue any day.”


“There is nothing like a 17 year old millionaire to make you question your life choices.  Time to send my kids to computer camp and watch the money roll in.”



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