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The 30-minute community manager

By , on January 12, 2015 at 12:13 pm

If you had to do a day’s worth of social media in 30 minutes, what would you do*?

This is, in fact, not a ridiculous proposition. For many entrepreneurs-on-the-side, 30 minutes a day is a generous but essential amount of time to devote to social.

Let’s presume you have access to some kind of publishing software that allows you to program posts outside of your 30-minute window. These 30-minutes, then, are for planning and executing for any number of occasions in the next 24 hours.

Here’s what I would do:

1. Cheat. Kind of. You can caveat this rule by remaining alert and engaged the rest of your 23.5 hours. This means scanning through the news with an eye for reposting or actually thinking about any content that might be relevant to your brand throughout the day. Absorb your role enough that your brain is attuned to at least recognizing when something might be relevant for future social activity.

2.This one’s more tactical. Immediately scan and repost tweets or comments from users who have engaged with you in the past 24-hours—provided their posts are positive towards your brand. Amplifying evangelists will reward your brand and make them feel great about engaging in the first place. I cannot emphasize the benefits to doing this enough.

3.Think quickly back: Did something somewhat relevant to your brand/industry and featured prominently in the news happen in the last 24-hours? Most likely, not really. Breathe a sigh of relief. But if something did happen—and I’m talking something major—then you must address it in some way. Tweet. Repost. Anything, at a minimum, because you’ve got to be there ASAP.

4.Similarly, think with more focus around your brand. Google it “and news” and just double check that there isn’t a crisis you are neglecting. Remember that all social outlets immediately become crisis management channels if there is a situation that warrants it. People will come looking for a response and no response can be the worst response.

5.Take the rest of your time to digest and engage – thoughtfully. Quality over quantity should be your guiding principle. This may seem counterintuitive since YOU ONLY HAVE THIRTY MINUTES. But that’s actually enough time to write a couple of strong one-liners and repost some things you agree with. It’s also enough time to take a selfie or create your own image and disseminate it like crazy (if you made it, get it out there). This leads me to my final piece of advice.


Good luck!!!!




*Quick reminder that this all becomes a lot easier if you have the support of a content marketing platform that recommends content and helps you create social posts on the topics that matter most to you. You know, like Rallyverse.

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