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Rallyverse Roundup: Vine coming to Xbox, 3D Phones From Amazon, Google Tours The

In today’s Roundup, we’re very very excited about Vine coming to Xbox One, somewhat puzzled by the concept of a 3D phone, somewhat floored by the size of streaming video revenues, and, as always, excited that Google can take us on a tour of the World Cup stadia. And yes, we love writing “stadia.” Yes […]

Rallyverse Roundup: Stars Of Vine, Facebook’s Awkward Ask Button, Humans Still Smart

In today’s Roundup, we’re checking in to see just how much the stars of Instagram and Vine can make from brands, agreeing that building visual content doesn’t need to be an art project every time, reflecting on what the Ask button says about Facebook, and applauding the PR firm that got a story placed about […]

Rallyverse Roundup: Vine Opens Up, Twitter Is Different Than Facebook, LEGO Simpsons

In today’s Roundup, we’re rejoicing to learn that is now open for business for all, thinking hard about the difference between what you make and who you are, celebrating the differences between Facebook and Twitter, and getting psyched for the Simpsons in LEGO on Sunday night. You No Longer Need a Vine Account to […]

Found On Twitter: New Emoji

We are essentially speechless. Click or tap to pause. And then start again. And bask in its glory.     Excellent work, Avery Monsen. All the pluses for you. “In the future, we will all communicate exclusively in crudely drawn pictograms.”

Rallyverse Roundup: Paying The Bills (And Then Some) With Vine

In today’s Roundup, we meet some folks who are making a living by being witty on Vine, explore how enterprise social networks can be a great tool for finding great job candidates, debate the meaning of “quality” content, and point you toward some cool original video content from NASA. Young stars of Vine turn comedy […]