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5 reasons you should be sharing third-party content

Third-party content is by nature, not yours. You didn’t write it, and you probably can’t control it. But don’t panic, you can still capitalize off of that poor sap who decided to disseminate his content online for free. Oh wait, that’s all of us. Literally, the entire internet. Here are five “guiding principles” when getting […]

Rallyverse Roundup: Social Sharing Is Accelerating, Twitter Line Art, SFW Pornhub Ads

In today’s Roundup, we’re noting that the pace of social sharing seems to be accelerating, sharing some fun resources for Twitter line art, wondering what you think of the hamburger menu (which we didn’t know was what that was called), and, finally, sharing relatively SFW nominations for Pornhub ads. Stuff you should know: the half-life […]