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The 30-minute community manager

If you had to do a day’s worth of social media in 30 minutes, what would you do*? This is, in fact, not a ridiculous proposition. For many entrepreneurs-on-the-side, 30 minutes a day is a generous but essential amount of time to devote to social. Let’s presume you have access to some kind of publishing […]

Everyone needs to be media trained

In case you haven’t heard, marketing is everyone’s job now. You. Your mom (sorry, had to). Your cousin. Your barber. Your boss. Me. Everyone. These days, whatever your job is, somebody’s watching. That’s not meant to be as scary as it may sound. What I mean is that that digital reflections of you, your company […]

The Real Reasons Social Media Is So Hard

If you’ve had a job that’s paid you to manage social media for a brand or business, chances are you’ve heard a snarky remark or two about your chosen profession: “So, you like play on Facebook all day?” “Wait, so you “listen” and “monitor” social media? On your phone?” “140 characters? That’s it? That’s all […]

New Gear Update Part 1: The RallyDeck

As part of the launch of Rallyverse last weekend, we’ve launched a slew of new features and capabilities. Not to mention a really sleek UI. Over the next few days, we’ll be releasing a series of blog posts introducing the new elements of our product and service. This is… Part 1: The RallyDeck.  The RallyDeck […]