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5 reasons you should be sharing third-party content

Third-party content is by nature, not yours. You didn’t write it, and you probably can’t control it. But don’t panic, you can still capitalize off of that poor sap who decided to disseminate his content online for free. Oh wait, that’s all of us. Literally, the entire internet. Here are five “guiding principles” when getting […]

Rallyverse Roundup: VIP Facebook, Content Marketing Myths

In today’s Rallyverse Roundup, we’re taking a look at some common content marketing myths, Twitter’s new “TV Trending” box, a very special VIP-only celebrity app from Facebook and of course how to measure ROI from content marketing. Twitter Is Testing Out A New ‘TV Trending’ Box At The Top Of Your Timeline (TechCrunch) Twitter is […]

The First Generation Social Technologies Are Dead

Long live the Next Generation of Social Tech! With today’s announcement of Google picking up Wildfire for a cool $250M that was hot on the heels of Salesforce snapping up Buddy Media and a very hungry Oracle buying not only Vitrue but Involver as well, it’s time to call the First Generation of Social Technologies dead.   Let’s all move forward.   What? […]

GM Declares That They’re (Sort Of) Done Advertising With Facebook; Do We Believe Them?

In a charmingly timed announcement just days before Facebook’s scheduled IPO, General Motors has decided to stop buying ads on Facebook. From the Wall Street Journal: General Motors Co. plans to stop advertising on Facebook after the company’s marketing executives determined their paid ads had little impact on consumers, people familiar with the matter said, […]

Five Social Marketing Trends Hammered Home @ SXSW

As noted yesterday, South By was awesome. We had an exhilarating and very informative weekend — essentially, it was delicious cocktail with two parts social media and one part speed dating. The Rallyverse team had a great showing, crashing some of the coolest parties, hanging with clients and investors and being just social.   But, in […]