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Let’s talk about: Snapchat.

Did you hear? Snapchat has a new feature. It’s called Discover. And, everybody’s talking about it. By now, you probably already know that Discover boasts a separate screen (just swipe) featuring a paneled wall of participating media outlets—also known as brands. From ESPN to VICE to Cosmopolitan to National Geographic, there’s something for everyone who reads those selected media outlets […]

How to newsjack (politely)

Something happened. Everybody’s posting about it. It’s going viral on Facebook. Even your grandma wrote a status update. Do you get involved? More importantly, should you get involved? There’s nothing wrong with newsjacking, so long as you are appropriately self-aware. And sensitive. Ask yourself these questions before you go crazy with the reposting. 1. Is […]

How Does Reposting The Same Content On Twitter Impact Clicks? We Looked At The Data

As proponents of using evergreen and owned content assets as part of your content marketing mix, we recommend that our clients liberally repost their most popular content (when it’s relevant and appropriate, of course). And while many marketers embrace this strategy, others aren’t yet convinced. Won’t reposting the same piece of content bore my audience? […]