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You Can See Right Through The New Rallydeck Editor

If you’ve been hard at work in your Rallydeck this week (and good for you if you have!), you’ve noticed an updated version of the Rallydeck Editor. We’ve made a number of changes to the Editor to make you more productive; here are the details: Let There Be Light (Or At Least Less Dark): now […]

Rallydeck: The Embiggening

Did you notice anything different in your Rallydeck this morning? Do not adjust your eyes. No one messed with your browser’s View Settings. The Rallydeck did, in fact, get a little bit bigger. Or, at least, parts of the Rallydeck did. We’ve enlarged the typefaces and buttons throughout, starting with the left nav: And also […]

New Settings Page In Your Rallydeck

If you’ve been working with your Rallydeck  for a while, you know that there are several different ingredients available to build your unique set of content recommendations: personalized keywords, categories, influencers, owned content, feeds, and location-specific content can all be incorporated into your content recommendations, in just about any way you want them. Well, the […]

Rallyverse Is (Even More) All About You

We’re a tech-focused company here at Rallyverse, and we were thrilled to be able to present our newest updates two weeks ago at NY Tech Meetup. Thanks to Jessica Lawrence and the whole team for having us! You can watch our demo – in which we unveil our new “welcome wizard”-type tool to get new users […]