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Is the next internet…TV?

There has been a lot of buzz recently around an article from The Awl titled “The Next Internet is TV.” I won’t spend the majority of this post rehashing it, but here’s the Sparknotes to catch you up: 1) The next internet is TV. 2) Is the next internet TV? 3) “The gaps left by […]

World, stop trying to make “Millennial” happen.

Okay, this one has been bothering me for a while. Recently, but honestly it seems like forever, there has been an influx of “Millennial”-related content being produced. They’re stupid, they’re smart, they’re different! They hate authority! They value free time! They just want to find themselves! They’re screwed! We’ve read it all. Any ounce of […]

Rallyverse Roundup: Controversial Predictions, Top Brands, Defining Internet Moments

Happy Festivus to all! In today’s Roundup, we’ve got the top brands on social media in 2013, unpopular predictions for media in 2014, a search for the Internet’s “defining moment,” a look at why native advertising hasn’t been the social explosion that many thought it’d be, and tips on how to keep your blog trucking […]

Rallyverse Roundup: Don’t Fire The Tweeter, Tech Bubble Alert, Increase Engagement By 324%

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend! We’re looking forward to 2014 with some reality checks about popular media predictions, rumblings about a new tech bubble, ways to increase your Twitter engagement by 324% (!), and a lesson to maybe think twice before you can your business’ social media guy/girl. It may immediately come back to […]

Rallyverse Roundup: Pitching Yourself, Trusting LinkedIn, Turning To YouTube For News

In today’s Rallyverse Roundup, YouTube is taking on the news, Google is testing out new banner ads in search results, LinkedIn wants you to trust it with the keys to your email, and Mashable is providing advice on how to pitch yourself as an expert. LinkedIn wants the keys to your email for its innovative […]