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Let’s talk about: Snapchat.

Did you hear? Snapchat has a new feature. It’s called Discover. And, everybody’s talking about it. By now, you probably already know that Discover boasts a separate screen (just swipe) featuring a paneled wall of participating media outlets—also known as brands. From ESPN to VICE to Cosmopolitan to National Geographic, there’s something for everyone who reads those selected media outlets […]

Rallyverse Roundup: Tweeting a Coffee, Facebook Failing Marketers and Seeing Inside Hearts

Today’s Rallyverse Roundup has the scoop on a new partnership between Twitter and Starbucks, great ways to grow your number of LinkedIn connections, how Facebook may be failing marketers and looking inside your hearts, and more. Tweeting a Starbucks Coffee Is Now a Thing Twitter and Starbucks are letting consumers send each other coffee gifts […]