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Find your audience with targeted LinkedIn Company Page posts

Rallyverse now allows marketers to target a specific geographic area, level of experience or job type with LinkedIn Company Page and Showcase Page posts created in Rallyverse. With targeted LinkedIn posts, you have even more opportunities to make sure you deliver relevant content to every part of your audience. To target a post, select the targeting […]

Everyone needs to be media trained

In case you haven’t heard, marketing is everyone’s job now. You. Your mom (sorry, had to). Your cousin. Your barber. Your boss. Me. Everyone. These days, whatever your job is, somebody’s watching. That’s not meant to be as scary as it may sound. What I mean is that that digital reflections of you, your company […]

Case Study: Microsoft Succeeds On LinkedIn With Rallyverse

When Microsoft wanted to reach business decision makers on LinkedIn in five markets in Europe, they turned to Rallyverse. We were able to deliver a solution that used a unique connection to LinkedIn Trending Topic data to map content recommendations to the topics that were most relevant to Microsoft’s target audiences in each of the […]

Rallyverse Roundup: April Foolery, #AfterSex Selfies?

In today’s Roundup, we’re checking to see if the big publishers are going to double down on April Fool’s Day, details on when professionals read content on LinkedIn, some ideas on encouraging a content creation culture, and a new trend in selfies that we honestly can’t believe took so long to arrive. Why you wont […]

Rallyverse Roundup: Guess The One Social Network Women Don’t Dominate

In today’s Roundup, we’re talking about gender splits on social networks, give you the pitch for why you should overinvest in fancy content marketing before giving you the counterpoint on why lean content marketing can work for you, and finishing up with a selfie to top even Ellen’s. Women Dominate Every Social Media Network — […]