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The 30-minute community manager

If you had to do a day’s worth of social media in 30 minutes, what would you do*? This is, in fact, not a ridiculous proposition. For many entrepreneurs-on-the-side, 30 minutes a day is a generous but essential amount of time to devote to social. Let’s presume you have access to some kind of publishing […]

How to speak marketing: A very serious guide

Hang with marketing people enough, and you’ll notice that they have their own language. (It’s certainly true for the start-up world). ­This can be confusing.  However, Rallyverse is here to demystify marketing lingo into a more common lingua franca. These marketing people, after all, are worth trying to understand. Maybe. Content creation = Someone who is […]

How to rein in your social media

The impulse is natural. Sign up. Give your email. Select a prof pic. Draft a witty subhead. Add your location. Check yes for single. We’ve all done this time and time again—it’s become ritualized to the point of abstraction.  All these platforms, networks, apps, systems that enable me to this or that—I’m getting tired of […]

Allow Us To GIF You Up To Speed With A New Rallydeck Tour

At Rallyverse, we’re always trying to make it as easy as possible for you to find and share the greatest content. But we’re also realists, so we understand that you’re all on different wavelengths when it comes to social media, marketing and technology in general. So for all of our users going forward, we’re going […]

3 Steps To Manage Your Social Media In 15 Minutes A Day With Rallyverse

If you’re anything like us (or the folks that we talk to here at Rallyverse), your feelings about managing your social media presence can something be like your feelings about flossing: we know it’s good for us, we do, and we wish we did it more often, but we usually end up skipping it and […]