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GIFs are the new Help files, now with an expanded library

We’ve recently expanded the Rallyverse help library with a series of new tutorials. The new tutorials are task-oriented and presented in TL;DR three-GIFs-and-just-a-few-words formats. Here’s a look at the complete new library: Each new tutorial offers simple instructions and a series of GIFs for completing a specific Rallyverse task (adding images, customizing posts for multiple […]

In honor of Twitter GIFs, Here’s The GIFiest Post We’ve Ever GIFed

If you’ve followed Rallyverse for a while, you know that our love of GIFs runs deep. And not just goofy/ funny reaction GIFs (though those are great too). In a nod to Generation TL;DR (essentially, all of us who spend too much time connected), we’ve long since decided to scrap demo videos in favor of […]