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How to rein in your social media

The impulse is natural. Sign up. Give your email. Select a prof pic. Draft a witty subhead. Add your location. Check yes for single. We’ve all done this time and time again—it’s become ritualized to the point of abstraction.  All these platforms, networks, apps, systems that enable me to this or that—I’m getting tired of […]

Pouring some out for the Facebook Privacy Dinosaur

Facebook last week published a new explanation of its privacy policies designed to make it easier for Facebook users to understand how their personal information is shared with other Facebook users. For consumers accustomed to quickly clicking past lengthy and often incomprehensible online privacy policies, Facebook’s new approach (simple language and explanations, friendly design) is […]

5 reasons you should be sharing third-party content

Third-party content is by nature, not yours. You didn’t write it, and you probably can’t control it. But don’t panic, you can still capitalize off of that poor sap who decided to disseminate his content online for free. Oh wait, that’s all of us. Literally, the entire internet. Here are five “guiding principles” when getting […]

And Then Teens Were All Like, Let’s Stop Using Facebook

What has long been rumored appears to be happening at last: teens in the United States are (finally) moving on from Facebook: Teens are officially over Facebook Since children are the future, and no one over 21 really knows what they find cool (do the kids even say cool these days?), researchers have devoted many, […]

Dear Facebook, Can We Have A News Feed Reset Button?

Dear Facebook, Hey there! Great to connect, feel like we haven’t been hanging out so much lately, and, well, I felt like I needed to come clean with you a bit. I know this is a little awkward, but I have a request for you and I hope you’ll hear me out. It’s about the […]