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🔥 Emoji URLs make us 😃 and keep it 💯 but hey no 🍆 it’s a 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 blog

Oh, if only we could pretend we weren’t super duper excited about being able to use emojis in both WordPress blog titles and URLs: via Whidbey Ventures Blog It’s all bringing us one step closer to our dream of a world where we all communicate exclusively in crudely drawn pictograms. Oh and ASCII art works too.  ┏(-_-)┛┗(-_- […]

Emoji are now welcome in the workplace [insert Dancing emoji here]

Do you fondly remember the days when it felt slightly transgressive to include a :) at the end of a work email? Never on a Reply-All email, mind you; maybe just a quick note to someone on your team at the end of the day when some casual confidence was being shared?   Well, the […]

Instagram releases 3 new filters and yes, they still sound like band names

Big news from Instagram yesterday: three new photo filters and the ability to use emoji in hashtags (well, at least some emoji; sorry eggplant!).  As expected, the new filters have appropriately fanciful names, and reminded us of our quiz from this past winter, Instagram Filter or Indie Band Name. So we couldn’t help but take […]

The Times asks, should grown men use emoji? We say, should they ever!

A fun thinkpiece on the New York Times explored whether it was appropriate for adult men to use emoji in conversation: Given their resemblance to the stickers that adorn the notebooks of schoolgirls, not to mention their widespread adoption as the lingua franca of tweens and teens everywhere, some people wonder whether grown men should […]

tl;dr: New York Times will do one-sentence stories for Apple Watch, stops short of full emoji journalism

According to a press release this week from the New York Times, the venerable newspaper has developed “a new form of storytelling” (both the idea and term surely coming from the marketing department and not the editorial team) to accommodate the tiny reading space, and presumably the attendant attention spans, of the Apple Watch screen.  From the […]