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Working hard or hardly working? (Either way, you’re chatting)

Let’s examine the touch points an average employee engages with on a daily basis. You’ve got email (Outlook or Gmail, the classic conundrum and frequent office polarizer), you’ve got chat (Adium? Gchat?…er excuse me, “Hangouts“), and you’ve got at least five other social platforms you could choose for a more niche type of interaction outside […]

New email format suggests that, yes, maybe we can have nice things.

If you received a Daily Deck or social selling email from Rallyverse in the past couple days, you may have noticed a new email format. (If you haven’t seen them yet, get in touch and we’ll send you a sample.) Yes, we’ve polished the typefaces and the header, but the most dramatic change is how […]

What’s On Deck? Your Daily Rallyverse Email Just Got A Lot More Interesting

You may have noticed that your daily What’s On Deck email just got a lot more interesting. In addition to five trending stories from your Rallydeck, we’re also including summaries of your upcoming and recent posts; essentially, it’s all the stuff you need to know as you start your day. At the top of the […]

New In Rallyverse: Email and Embed Your Sent Posts

If you’re looking to share a quick summary of your most recent posts or build a widget or web page showcasing your most recent social content, Rallyverse has you covered. We’ve just debuted a new kind of List that gives you a reverse-chronological view of your 20 most recent that you’ve sent via Rallyverse. Sent […]

Share Your Scheduled Posts In Email

Whether you’re looking to nudge your colleagues to retweet your upcoming posts or just giving the rest of your team a sneak preview of the day’s social media plan, sharing your content calendar is an important part of any community manager’s day. Starting this week, Rallydeck users can easily email all their scheduled posts right […]