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Let’s talk about: Snapchat.

Did you hear? Snapchat has a new feature. It’s called Discover. And, everybody’s talking about it. By now, you probably already know that Discover boasts a separate screen (just swipe) featuring a paneled wall of participating media outlets—also known as brands. From ESPN to VICE to Cosmopolitan to National Geographic, there’s something for everyone who reads those selected media outlets […]

Rallyverse Roundup: Social Selling in B2B, Non-Ironic White House Reports, Selfie Stock Photos

In today’s Roundup, we’re digging in on the importance of social selling for B2B buyers, scratching our heads about the White House’s comments on commercial data collection, reflecting on what it means to be authentic in your social media, and selfies, always with the selfies. How Social Networks Improve the Sales Purchasing Experience Slideshare I […]

Wish We Were There: 15th Digital Dealer Conference

We’re big automobile fans here at Rallyverse – really, who can’t appreciate a nice car? But vehicles aside, we also have a lot of respect for dealers and the work they’re doing. So much respect, in fact, that we wrote an op-ed for Dealer Marketing Magazine outlining ways to reach new car buyers using social media. (Spoiler […]

Rallyverse Roundup: Embrace Storytelling, Make Memes

In today’s Rallyverse Roundup, we look at why brands need to embrace storytelling, why half of digital marketers say they are not highly proficient at digital marketing, what’s new with Twitter, and the best way to make your own memes. Why Agencies and Brands Need to Embrace True Storytelling (Adweek) To build on the opportunities […]