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Emoji are now welcome in the workplace [insert Dancing emoji here]

Do you fondly remember the days when it felt slightly transgressive to include a :) at the end of a work email? Never on a Reply-All email, mind you; maybe just a quick note to someone on your team at the end of the day when some casual confidence was being shared?   Well, the […]

Happy Star Wars Day from Rallyverse!

For an “unofficial secular holiday” that’s only been around for 4 years and has largely become a thing due to good-natured social media sharing, Star Wars Day really seems to be working out. Given what we know about the ambient levels of excitement around all things Star Wars, I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that a […]

GIFs of defunct electronics are pretty sublime

French animator and illustrator Guillaume Kurkdjian has created a series of gorgeous GIFs of now defunct electronics items that remind us of a time when our magical devices had a few more moving parts.  You should absolutely head over to his page on Behance to check out all of the details; they’re great.       Images […]

Happy Friday: Star Wars trailer recreated with LEGOs

It’s been, what, a day since the new Star Wars trailer dropped and already amazing people have done amazing things and recreated the whole thing with LEGOs. We aren’t unimpressed. Check it out: And, you know, in case you missed the original, well, we’ve got that too: Happy Friday!

Someone in the 1930s tried to predict the future and got it mostly right

In case you missed this tweet earlier this week with an image of how at least one artist in the 1930s imagined the future, definitely treat yourself to a looksie:   What they got right Yup, we all carry little video screens around with us where we can watch and communicate. And they’re slightly bigger […]