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Tag Archives: Cyber Monday

Rallyverse Roundup: Pinterest Wins Cyber Monday, The Internet of Things in 2014

Today’s Rallyverse Roundup has some interesting stats on how Pinterest won Cyber Monday, a list of the 20 most popular brands on Twitter (including a few you definitely would not have guessed), a primer on what exactly “the internet of things” means and why 2014 might force you to know about, and, just in time […]

Rallyverse Roundup: Facebook’s Odd Trend, Cheating Wikipedia, PR in 2014

Today’s Rallyverse Roundup has the scoop on why your old (or very old) Facebook posts have been blowing up lately, a report on sketchy behavior from brands and PR pros relating to their Wikipedia pages, and a variety of tips for brands on Cyber Monday, marketers using Google Analytics, and PR pros in 2014. Why […]

Rallyverse Roundup: Resume Robots, Cyber Monday, 10 Things To Never Share

In today’s Rallyverse Roundup, Mashable has a fascinating infographic on what the robots examining your resume are looking for, Entrepreneur explains why a Cyber Monday strategy is crucial for every business, TechCrunch digs deep on YouTube’s strange new comments system, and PR Daily runs through the 10 things you should never share on social media. […]