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What counts as content creation?

Good question! Let’s start off with what doesn’t count as content creation. Here are seven common social behaviors that DO NOT COUNT as content creation: 1)   Reposts 2)   Retweets 3)   Honestly, adding one line that says “ya” or “kewl” or “great point!” or “what a visionary” and then linking to someone else’s article does not […]

No one will read your white paper

Did you make a white paper? Or, should I say, did you pay an agency several (many?!) thousand dollars to concept, copywrite and produce a white paper on a very serious but also probably very niche topic on which you/your brand/your CEO is a “thought leader?” It’s okay. I get how you are feeling. Probably […]

Rallyverse Roundup: Red Pills, Social Media Breakups, Copywriting Tips

In today’s Rallyverse Roundup. Mashable has some copywriting tips for you, Forbes wonders why B2B marketers are still unsure about social media, PandoDaily tells you to take the red pill, BuzzFeed has an in-depth look about what happens when you break up with a social platform, and more. Facebook Wants To Tell Publishers Which Stories […]