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30/ 60/ 10: The Golden Ratio for Social Media Marketing UPDATED

We first published “30/ 60/ 10: The Golden Ratio for Social Media Marketing“ over 2 years ago.  It was based on data from our customers on how they were using social and content marketing.  And our customer came from a wide swath of industries and targeting B2B and B2C customers.  It has been one of our […]

All your Rallyverse recommendations in RSS!

YES you can have it ALL! All in RSS that is.  All your Rallyverse recommendations in RSS!  All your Rallyverse Content Hub in RSS. All your published content in RSS! We’re going old skool. So if you have an RSS reader on your site and you want your recommendations right there.  Just drop the url […]

5 reasons you should be sharing third-party content

Third-party content is by nature, not yours. You didn’t write it, and you probably can’t control it. But don’t panic, you can still capitalize off of that poor sap who decided to disseminate his content online for free. Oh wait, that’s all of us. Literally, the entire internet. Here are five “guiding principles” when getting […]

Rallyverse Roundup: Content Marketing Hijacking?

In today’s Roundup, we’ve got a refreshing voice on whether content strategy has been hijacked by content marketing, some insights into how content marketing fits into long sales cycles, some tips on content curation and an attempt to recreate some iconic logos using Squarespace’s new logo-creation tool.   Has Content Marketing Hijacked Content Strategy? There […]

eMarketer Agrees: Content Marketing Is Still Hard

Content Marketing a Struggle from Start to Finish Content marketers are looking to shift efforts to include more curation, research suggests, but every step along the journey is a struggle. Research by content curation software firm Curata found 59% of US marketing professionals would be spending more on content marketing in 2014 than they had […]