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The 30-minute community manager

If you had to do a day’s worth of social media in 30 minutes, what would you do*? This is, in fact, not a ridiculous proposition. For many entrepreneurs-on-the-side, 30 minutes a day is a generous but essential amount of time to devote to social. Let’s presume you have access to some kind of publishing […]

Rallyverse Roundup: Community Manager Is A Great (And Important) Job

In today’s Roundup, we’ve got a great list of recent changes to social networks, some thoughts on what the semantic web means for marketers, internet ad spend facts, Tumblr revenue stats, and a reminder to that community managers really matter. 10 Big, Recent Changes To Twitter, Facebook, And Linkedin You Should Know About In search […]

Calendar View: Don’t Forget About What’s On Deck

Scheduling has long been the community manager’s secret weapon in the battle against expanding expectations. When you’re being asked to support more social networks, monitor existing accounts, and, oh, do a little blogging on the side, you need to be able to batch your work just to keep up. Scheduling allows the enterprising community manager […]

The Real Reasons Social Media Is So Hard

If you’ve had a job that’s paid you to manage social media for a brand or business, chances are you’ve heard a snarky remark or two about your chosen profession: “So, you like play on Facebook all day?” “Wait, so you “listen” and “monitor” social media? On your phone?” “140 characters? That’s it? That’s all […]

INFOGRAPHIC: How To Train A Community Manager

Making the call on who to hire and train as a Community or Social Media Manager.  Here is a quick infographic on the topic.     Whatever you decide, Rallyverse can help.  We can help your Community Manager in doing a great job growing and engaging your community with brand relevant content in a simple […]