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Is the next internet…TV?

There has been a lot of buzz recently around an article from The Awl titled “The Next Internet is TV.” I won’t spend the majority of this post rehashing it, but here’s the Sparknotes to catch you up: 1) The next internet is TV. 2) Is the next internet TV? 3) “The gaps left by […]

Rallyverse Roundup: Startup Time Machine

In today’s Roundup, we’re firing up the time machine to see what it was like to work at Netscape in the mid-90s, nodding our heads vigorously regarding the importance of typography, checking in with brands to see what they find most challenging about being a publisher, and treating ourselves to a bit of Buzzfeed that […]

Rallyverse Roundup: How The Media Will Report The Apocalypse, Wink To Shoot, Top 2013 Twitter Trends

Today’s Rallyverse Roundup contains insight on Instagram Direct and Google Glass, a Fast Company piece on how to get the most out of your market research, an infographic of the top Twitter trends worldwide in 2013, and a frighteningly accurate (and hilarious) look at how various news outlets – from the New York Times to […]

Rallyverse Roundup: Tech Time Warp, Pinterest API, Lessons From BuzzFeed

The last Roundup of the week features some tips on hiring a social media marketer, news on Pinterest’s just-released API, and lessons on blogging from the BuzzFeed model – love ’em or hate ’em, they’re getting 40 million unique visitors a month! Also, don’t miss Wired’s look back at RCA’s Wireless Wizard from 1961. That […]

Rallyverse Roundup: The Worst Auto-Responders, ‘Pin It’ Beating ‘Tweet This’

In today’s Rallyverse Roundup we’re taking a look at the worst kinds of e-mail vacation auto-responders, one way Pinterest is outperforming Twitter, and a Skype development that none of us will likely use. The 7 Kinds of E-mail Vacation Auto-Responders Everyone Hates (New York Magazine) You don’t really need to put up an auto-responder for Labor […]