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Oh, you’re not at Cannes either? Then enjoy.

On the off chance you’re not among those sipping rosé and attending parties on yachts this week, we would like to share the following Tumblr, which should make you feel at least slightly better about being stuck in the office: As you were.

Pinterest, WhatsApp remind us that something has to pay for all these amazing services we consume

Looks like it’s upfront season for new social ad products. Pinterest announced a new portfolio of ad products that are set to debut this summer that cover advertising scenarios across the marketing funnel: Pinterest To Greatly Expand Advertising Solutions This Summer, Including A New Take On Video Ads via Internet Marketing News, Strategies & Tips […]

Infographic: all the ways marketers use language to persuade us

Can you spot the difference between “The Water is Wet” claim and The Weasel claim? Did you know that marketers like to claim that a product is unique because consumers automatically associate “unique” with “better”? The folks at BuySellAds pulled together a really fun infographic on their blog that details some of the ways that marketers use […]

From Re/Code, this is why media companies are obsessed with Snapchat

Looking to find younger audiences on social networks? Today, that means Snapchat, as summarized here by Peter Kafka at Re/Code: This is why media companies are obsessed with Snapchat, via Re/Code and Peter Kafka Worth noting: it isn’t just that Snapchat has such a huge share of the 18-24 crowd (that’s a whole lotta orange up there), […]

Rallyverse Roundup: World Cup Ads, Minimalist Logos, and Alcoholic Beverages

Will you indulge us one more day of World Cup-themed Roundups? I can’t promise it will be the last day, but I will say we’ll at least consider other options later this week. That’s fair, right? Soccer. Screaming. Deodorant. The Old Spice crew does up a World Cup-ish ad to announce their availability in Brazil. […]