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Tag, You’re It: New tagging details in Reports let you track your strategy (and success)

By , on February 10, 2015 at 1:09 pm

Do you know what topics work best for your brand? How about the ones that tend to flop? Do you have the tools required to tell the difference? With the new tagging details in Rallyverse Reports, it’s easy to see how you’re using tags as well as which tags are delivering the most engagement.

Here’s how:

New Tags in Rallyverse Reports

With Posts By Tag, you can check to see how your actual posting behavior matches your content strategy. Are you focusing on the topics that map to your brand’s content goals? How many times did you post content from your blog? How much video did you share?

With Engagements By Tag, you’re able to determine the performance of each different type of content. Reports is happy to do the math for you and generate Top-5 and Bottom-5 lists that summarize which Tags generate the best (and worst) engagement rates.

(Looks like we need to keep rolling with the Space posts and maybe dial down the Robots a bit. And maybe even do more with our Slideshare posts.)

If this all looks new to you, don’t worry. You can create Tags in Settings and attach them to every post you share. You can also filter your content calendar by Tag to set your content strategy for the coming weeks and months.

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