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Someone in the 1930s tried to predict the future and got it mostly right

By , on April 15, 2015 at 8:18 am

In case you missed this tweet earlier this week with an image of how at least one artist in the 1930s imagined the future, definitely treat yourself to a looksie:


What they got right

Yup, we all carry little video screens around with us where we can watch and communicate. And they’re slightly bigger than our hands; it’s like they knew phablets would be a thing!

Everyone is wearing headphones, and not the lame , tiny earbud kind. Nope. These folks are rocking their Beats over the ear.

Fashionable, wealthy people in this future will wear hoodies for any social occasion. 

Anticipating increasing income inequality trends, these two mobile-phone users are clearly global one-percenters, and are enjoying the service of an on-demand drinks service of the future, probably some sort of startup offering “Uber for day-drinking outside.”

Related, this picture obviously anticipates the ongoing appeal of day-drinking.


What they got wrong

All those wires? It’s like they couldn’t even anticipate Bluetooth. 

A flying car? If only. If only. 

Still, some bonus points can be earned back if said flying car was self-driving. 

Let’s assume that those are e-cigarettes. 

Is that an actual book on the table? OMG.

And, of course, no one in this image is currently involved in taking a selfie. I mean, c’mon.


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