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So what counts as social media automation?

By , on June 1, 2015 at 7:30 am

What are we calling social media automation these days? A post on Jeff Bullas’ blog attempts to tackle that question, and lands squarely in the “mostly efficiency tools, not at all spammy” camp: 

To summarize, they identify social media automation capabilities as content discovery, performance measurement and post scheduling.

Which is great, and which, we guess, means that Rallyverse is a social media automation tool? But those aren’t the capabilities that leapt to mind when I heard the phrase “social media automation.”

Instead, I immediately thought @mention spam. I thought automated “Thanks for following me and please check out my blog here at” DMs.  I thought blast publishing tools that consumed unread content from RSS feeds and spewed unreviewed posts to as many social networks as possible. 

So which is it? Can social media automation as a buzzword and label mean something less insidious than the spam labels that I was so eager to smear it with? Can it just mean tools that automate social media tasks (content discovery, scheduling) that remain manual for many marketers without being thoughtless and spammy? Can it grow up? 

And, most importantly, have we been building social media automation at Rallyverse all along? 

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