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Rallyverse Roundup: Your Customers Don’t Just Visit Your Web Site

By , on April 16, 2014 at 11:56 am

In today’s Roundup, we’re talking about to think about a distributed social and content strategy (since you really can’t expect folks to find you only on your very own dotcom), how the marketing team needs to think about partnering with the sales organization, how PR shops are starting to dig into Big data resources at holding companies, and, finally, cowering in fear of spray-paint-wielding robots.

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Turns out consumers really only spend their time on about 15 different web sites. Your corporate site isn’t likely one of them. So how do you get consumers to engage with your content? “Create informational outposts that represent your brand in as many of those ‘magic 15’ as possible.”

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Put that coffee down. Coffee’s for closer’s only. If Blake (played by Alec Baldwin in the classic film Glengarry Glen Ross) were staring you straight in the eyes, would you put the cup down? Do you even know what it means to be a closer? The answer…
Entrepreneurship & Small Business
Apr 16, 11:39 AM

Coffee is for closers (and those who help closers). Remember, sales problems are everyone’s problems, and the more you help your partners, the more they’ll help you.

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When Weber Shandwick learned late last year that Interpublic Group of Cos.’ sibling Mediabrands had constructed a system that allowed other shops in the holding company to access its tools and data, the PR giant wanted in. Now Weber Shandwick can access data down to ZIP codes and geography, and is using Mediabrands’ data to identify and target audiences, as well as study how exposure to earned and social-content prompts behavior like buying habits. Like Interpublic, most holding companies began centralizing their disparate data resources last year so their agencies could access behavioral data for a small fee. This year, those systems are live, and PR agencies — arguably the most data-deprived of the bunch — are diving in. Continue reading at
Advertising Age – Agency News
Apr 16, 11:39 AM

PR goes Big Data with a little help from the holding companies’ trade desks? Sure.

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Katsu pilots the craft remotely, but every movement is translated through the machine’s need to keep itself aloft.
Apr 16, 11:39 AM

This week in robot/ drone scenarios that you hadn’t even considered but will haunt your dream: “Open Source Graffiti Drones.” Don’t worry. This isn’t dystopian horror. It’s art. And politics. But not dystopian horror.

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