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Rallyverse Roundup: World Cup Is The Most Social Ever, Also Brick-Style Highlights

By , on June 16, 2014 at 12:51 pm

With the US Men’s National Team set to play Ghana in Natal later today, we’ve got a World Cup-themed Roundup, including details on how this is the most social sporting event ever, an explanation of how technology is helping refs to get calls correct, a retrospective on an epic episode of the Simpsons, and LEGO-themed soccer highlights.

According to Adobe, the 2014 Brazil World Cup is the most social sporting event ever, easily eclipsing the recent Olympic Games: “The conversation is more global than the Olympics, Adobe said, and spans 230 countries. People in Japan are most engaged, posting nearly two of every five mentions, while the U.S. was just behind Brazil, contributing about 8% of social media mentions.” And why is that? Because everyone can play soccer, but not so many people have the facilities or climate for bobsledding and cross-country skiiing.

This year’s World Cup is likely to be the most social ever. But they don’t stack up to the World Cup, at least in terms of social buzz. The 2014 World Cup will be the most social sporting event ever, according to projections from the Adobe ( ADBE ) Digital Index, a study of online marketing. The month-long soccer championship is already is outpacing the Sochi Olympics and 2014 Super Bowl. The most famous athletes, such as Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo, are getting millions of mentions each. In the year leading up to the first matches in Brazil last week, the World Cup was mentioned 19 million times across the blogs and social outlets Adobe tracks, which include Facebook, ( FB , Tech30 ) Google ( GOOG )+, Reddit, Twitter ( TWTR , Tech30 ), Instagram and YouTube. . Robots take on World Cup security. Sentiments from the host nation reflect what has played out in the streets of Sao Paulo, where protesters have demonstrated their frustration with the government spending $11 billion to host the games. Adobe said in an online post about the findings that 42% of posts from the host nation “expressed sadness, anger, or disgust.”. The matches are also expected to set records on viewers’ other screen: the television.

In an effort to get all the calls right in the World Cup, FIFA are (finally) using cameras to judge which balls actually go across the goal line. Now if they could just do something about the flopping we’d be all set.

France has the honor of being the first soccer football team to be aided by FIFAs new goal-line technology, after it was used to award a goal in yesterdays World Cup 2014 match against Honduras. While the initial shot from French forward Karim Benzema struck the post and didnt cross the line, the whole of the ball did go over after it ricocheted off unfortunate Honduras keeper Noel Valladares, according to FIFAs tech setup. Not included in this clip is Honduras coach Luis Fernando Surez berating the officials for allowing the goal. Theres not much mileage in that complaint any longer, old son. Inaccurate decisions like… This story continues at The Next Web
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We can’t say enough about this Slate piece on the Simpsons soccer bit from the 90s. Holds. Holds. HOLDS!!!!!!!

Open Wide for Some Soccer!: The Simpsons Brilliant Parody of the Beautiful Game. The Simpsons does soccer, and it is glorious. Lampooning soccer has long been an American pastime. To its mostly unfunny critics, the sport is boring, unmanly, and foreign. My son is not playing soccer, bloviator Jim Rome once said . I will hand him ice skates and a shimmering sequined blouse before I hand him a soccer ball. There is, however, one inspired piece of U.S.-made satire that manages to mock soccer while also embracing the very thing its laughing at. Whos behind this bit of comedic brilliance? Unsurprisingly, The Simpsons. The Cartridge Family , which aired on Nov. 2, 1997, opens with a five-minute sequence that taps into our nations distrust of soccers seemingly slow pace, overexcited announcers, and exotic teams and players.

Sure you’ve seen video highlights, but have you seen LEGO highlights? The Guardian is having a lot of fun with these.

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