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Rallyverse Roundup: World Cup Ads, Minimalist Logos, and Alcoholic Beverages

By , on June 18, 2014 at 12:52 pm

Will you indulge us one more day of World Cup-themed Roundups? I can’t promise it will be the last day, but I will say we’ll at least consider other options later this week. That’s fair, right?

Soccer. Screaming. Deodorant. The Old Spice crew does up a World Cup-ish ad to announce their availability in Brazil. You can be sure that everyone in Brazil heard them.

Old Spice scores another goal with Terry Crews, this time for the World Cup. The brand would like you to know it’s now available in Brazil, and it’s a good time to tell you that because there’s a rather large sporting event taking place there right now. Wieden Kennedy in Portland, Ore., cranked up its crazy machine and decided to have Crews power drill through the Earth to Brazil, where he meets his Brazilian double and congratulates him on being awesome, spontaneously creating a pineapple in the act. Someday, they’ll just have Crews scream the whole thing; this time they settle for screaming half. Luckily, Crews’s elongated vowels work great for celebrating a sporting event where people yell “Goooooooaaaaaaal” all the time.
AdWeek: AdFreak

Where were all the players from the 2014 World Cup born? Allow us to answer that question with a touch of MapNerdery, which is our wont.

World Cup 2014 Players Birth Countries yaph: 46 of the 736 world cup players were born in France, enough to equip 2 teams. Fun fact: 16 players of Algerias team were born in France. Source:
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These minimalist team crests for the 2014 World Cup participants are gorgeous and sort of make you wonder why versions of these couldn’t show up on the actual team kits.

Store. Search *. Find and purchase an exclusive, unique and professional logo now. Customization for your name is included in the price. Minimalist World Cup Team Crests. Chris Dickman Mon, 06/16/2014 – 09:46. New York-based artist Daniel Nyari is known for his simplified, stylized approach to illustration. He recently brought this to the creation of all 32 crests for the teams participating in the World Cup, with the results available for purchase in the form of 12″ x12″ stretched canvas prints or 6″ x 6″ acrylic blocks. You’ll find our favorites from the series below, representing Portugal, Columbia, Germany, France, South Korea, Switzerland, Chile, United States, Brazil and Italy. The entire collection can be viewed on the Futbol Artist Network site.

Well if you don’t have an etzai can you please set me up with a matango? No? Okay, beer’s good then.

Writer Brian M. from has come up with a list of alcoholic beverages native to each country participating in this years World Cup. These alcoholic drinks are probably consumed by supporters in each country, with the writer showing us how we can buy, or make, them. His article also details the history of these drinksdid you know that the Cameroonian drink Matango is made from pine sap?. Check out some of the drinks featured below, or head on over to to read the entire article.

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