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Rallyverse Roundup: Stars Of Vine, Facebook’s Awkward Ask Button, Humans Still Smart

By , on May 20, 2014 at 12:16 pm

In today’s Roundup, we’re checking in to see just how much the stars of Instagram and Vine can make from brands, agreeing that building visual content doesn’t need to be an art project every time, reflecting on what the Ask button says about Facebook, and applauding the PR firm that got a story placed about how humans are still smarter than computers. Bless their heart.

So it turns out you can actually make a spot of cash from your Vine or Instagram audience (in the five-figure neighborhood per post). Guess which network earns you more: “Vine influencers command higher prices from brands than their Instagram counterparts despite only 1/3 of audience.”

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Vine and Instagram have attracted hundreds of millions of users, some of them self-made celebrities who charge thousands to make branded posts. The post The Vine and Instagram stars brands are courting appeared first on Digiday .


You could spend all day messing around in Photoshop editing the perfect image for your Facebook page, or you could go fast and produce something that works (but will never be in a gallery); guess which you actually have time for?

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Do you give your customers the best information in the simplest way possible? Are you connecting with your fans through visual content? Pictures and video can inspire and amaze your audience in a way text just cant. In this article youll find five ways you can use images and video to connect with and add […] This post 5 Ways to Connect With Your Fans Using Visual Content first appeared on Social Media Examiner . Social Media Examiner – Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle
Social Media Examiner


I find it extremely odd that there was such a negative reaction to such a harmless and obvious feature, though at the same time I can’t claim to be completely surprised.

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Facebook can sometimes seem like a digital microcosm of your entire life. Its where you share snippets of personal information with your friends (and the companys advertising network), chat with everyone youve ever met, and make any major life development Facebook official. But the harsh dismissal of a new feature allowing Facebook users to ask friends if they are in a…


This is straight amazing PR work: Computers still not smarter than human beings? Or is it just the software built by this highly regarded technology not measuring up? Talk about turning negatives (our fancy gear can’t do its job) into a positive (we have great people!).

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In 2011, Airbnb had a problem. The room-sharing site was growing fast, but so were customer complaints. People just couldn’t figure out how to use the service. The issue was so severe, Airbnb was getting an average of one customer service call for every room booked.

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