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Rallyverse Roundup: Selfie Olympics, Vine on the Web and 2014 Buzzword Bingo

By , on January 6, 2014 at 11:28 am

In today’s Roundup, check out these highlights from the Selfie Olympics (which are better than your cynical soul will believe), lots of great updates from Vine to bring six-second looping videos to your big monitor, the 2014 edition of Buzzword Bingo from Digiday, and a reminder that the best sales pitches actually remember to ask questions and listen.

Snapping a photo of yourself is now a competitive activity. We’re not sure just which Internet wormhole it crawled out of or how its weird momentum got rolling, but there’s a sport of sorts called the Selfie Olympics currently trending on Twitter . Sorry, make that the #SelfieOlympics See also: This Mom Is the Most Inspiring Olympic Hopeful You’ve Never Heard Of The premise is simple. Take the Oxford Dictionaries’ official 2013 word of the year (that’s “selfie”) and combine it with one of the most anticipated sporting events of 2014 (that’s the Winter Olympics ). Mash those two together and you get some of the most elaborate, extreme and downright random selfies to hit the web. (Fair warning: A search of the hashtag does turn up a couple NSFW photos.) Read more… More about Twitter , Lists , Olympics , Social Media , and Pics
Social Media
Jan 3, 9:17 PM

Before you snicker at the Selfie Olympics, treat yourself to a few of these. We were particularly fond of the E.T. and the Superman, which we think means that we should watch a movie tonight.

Twitter today launched Vine for the Web. The service is available now: just head to and login with your Vine account. The new site lets users browse their home feed, view videos in full screen TV mode, as well as like, comment, and share Vines.
Top News
Jan 4, 7:59 AM

Welcome to the Old-Timey Internet That We Look At While Sitting At Desks, Vine! Users get Profiles, a home feed and a way to watch your six-second masterpieces in full-screen mode.

The Digiday Buzzword Replacement Guide – Digiday via @digiday
Jan 6, 9:40 AM

We know we should be bored of these sorts of pieces by now, but that implies that we marketers had gotten over packing our communication with meaningless cliches and buzzwords. And that hasn’t happened yet. Maybe in 2015. Until then, lists like this from Digiday are there to keep us honest.

How do you craft an effective sales pitch? First, ditch the “pitch”—or at least neglect the traditional meaning of the word.
Jan 4, 7:59 AM

It sounds pretty simple, but the best pitches are the ones that are less broadcast and more dialogue. So stop pitching and start asking questions.

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