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Rallyverse Roundup: Post-Pie Edition

By , on December 2, 2013 at 1:36 pm

Hope you were able to enjoy the Thankgivukka activities – we think Rallybot is still face-down in the pumpkin pie. For the “back to work” part of today’s Roundup, we have tips to pitch the C-suite on content marketing. The UK’s Waterstones delivers on a cheeky comeback on the Amazon drone-delivery news (threat?) with “OWLS” – funny, but also an impressive social media response. Then, looking ahead to Giving Tuesday after all the shopping hub-bub, Google takes a page from Jerry Lewis with the first “Hangout-a-Thon” to drive charity donations. Finally, in celebration of what you’re really doing at work today:  Kittens give you Cyber Monday tips. Kitties. GIFs. Enough said.

12/01/2013 @ 10:19AM |1,417 views. 4 C-Suite Objections To Content Marketing And How To Overcome Them. You’re on your way to the top floor for a meeting with the executive team. You’ve got 20 minutes to sell them on the idea that, in order to compete and grow, the company must adopt a content marketing strategy. As the elevator ascends, you contemplate your pitch. These executives pride themselves on being “risk-aware,” which is a euphemism for “completely stuck in their ways.” What you’re going to ask of them — to not only support the new strategy, but to actively participate in it — is sure to raise some eyebrows. You open the door to the executive meeting room, greet the audience, and begin your pitch. Will the C-suite listen to you — or will your ideas be shut down?. Being unprepared is the only way you’ll find yourself frustrated and defeated, so understanding the initial barriers you’ll need to break down during the meeting is essential to actually being heard.
Dec 2, 11:37 AM gives you tips on overcoming four common C-Suite issues with content marketing.

Jumping on the back of today’s news that Amazon might one day introduce delivery by unmanned drones , British book retailer Waterstones has hit back with an announcement of its own. According to a short video made by the company, its new Ornithological Waterstones Landing Service (OWLS) is made up of a fleet of specially trained owls that work individually “or as an adorable team” to drop off a delivery within thirty minutes of customers placing an order. Clearly a tongue-in-cheek ribbing of Amazon’s announcement, Waterstones also notes that it could be some time before you see a team of trained owls delivering your goods as “it takes ages to train owls to do anything and we only just thought of it this morning”.
Dec 2, 11:37 AM

Jumping on the back of the news that Amazon might one day introduce delivery by unmanned drones, British book retailer Waterstones has hit back with an announcement of its own.

On Tuesday – aka  Giving Tuesday  – Google will repurpose its video broadcasting service called Google+ Hangouts to help host an online “Hangout-a-thon” that aims to connect those interested in making charitable donations with a worthy cause of their liking. Like a modern-day telethon, the “Hangout-a-thon” will feature celebrities, including  Jennifer Garner, Chris Daughtry and Sophia Bush, plugging their favorite non-profit or charity, says Google. Organizations like Unicef, Charity Water, Save the Children, the Malala Fund, The Trevor Project, and several others will be involved, asking donors to give to help improve clean water access, eliminate bullying, provide disaster relief in the Philippines and more, Google explains in a post this morning announcing the event, that will take place tomorrow starting at 9 AM ET on the “ Giving Tuesday” Google+ page. In addition to the usual round-up of organizations doing good, the Hangout-a-thon will also have a tech angle, it seems. Google notes that viewers will also get a “quick coding lesson” from, Girls Who Code, and Code2040, who will also be there to inform viewers about the topic of digital literacy. The event will be 12 hours long, and include 24 charities and brands in total, a full list of which has not yet been released. Viewers watching the event will be invited to donate directly to the organizations doing the fundraising, or support the organizations via the “Shoppable Hangouts” app which will allow viewers to buy “goods for good” (i.e. actual products) during the event. For example,  Hucksley , a curated marketplace for emerging brands that typically gives 25% of profits to charity with each purchase, will join with Google,  Pencils of Promise , and Sophia Bush to donate 100% of profits during the event which will go toward helping build 25 schools in Guatemala. This is the first time organizations have ever used Hangouts to power a charitable event like this, Google says. But it’s not Google’s first foray into giving. Not only does the company have a charitable arm called which develops tools that use technology for social impact, it also this year launched its inaugural attempt at mobile giving with the Google One Today Android app , which encourages users to donate $1 toward causes they like.
Dec 2, 11:37 AM

 Like a modern-day telethon, the “Hangout-a-thon” will feature celebrities, including  Jennifer Garner, Chris Daughtry and Sophia Bush, plugging their favorite non-profit or charity.

Cyber Monday seems like a less stressful shopping experience than Black Friday . But all that clicking and computer eye strain can make elbowing coupon-wielding dads in the toy store aisles look pleasant in comparison. Before you sit down and stuff your virtual cart with goodies, take a cue from your feline friend. Cats can teach you valuable lessons on scratching the face off Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday Tips From Kittens. 1. Carbo load for your shopping marathon. 7. But don’t buy anything on clearance that you’ll regret later. You’re probably still drunk on tryptophan anyway. 9. Shun human contact until your shopping mission is complete.
Dec 2, 11:37 AM

“If you find a deal, pounce.”

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