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Rallyverse Roundup: Post-IPO Twitter, Growing With Vine, The Interrobang

By , on September 16, 2013 at 11:40 am

In today’s Rallyverse Roundup, we’re looking at an in-depth New York Times study on native advertising, a Mashable list on ways startups can take advantage of Vine and Instagram, a Guardian think-piece on why the “interrobang” will be the next big icon, and more.

Storytelling Ads May Be Journalism’s New Peril (New York Times)

Now the new rage is “native advertising,” which is to say advertising wearing the uniform of journalism, mimicking the storytelling aesthetic of the host site. Buzzfeed, Forbes, The Atlantic and, more recently, The New Yorker, have all developed a version of native advertising, also known as sponsored content; if you are on Buzzfeed, World of Warcraft might have a sponsored post on, say, 10 reasons your virtual friends are better than your real ones. It is usually labeled advertising (sometimes clearly, sometimes not), but if the content is appealing, marketers can gain attention and engagement beyond what they might get for say, oh, a banner ad.

10 Ways Startups Can Grow With Vine and Instagram Video (Mashable)

Vine and now, Instagram video are all the rage when you’re looking for laughs or sharing clips with friends. But do they have any practical application for business owners? More to the point, what can you really tell customers in just a few seconds of mobile video?

Here’s What Post-IPO Twitter Is Going To Look Like (BuzzFeed)

What does it mean for you that Twitter is going public? Here’s a safe bet: You’ll hear about Twitter going public a lot. Here’s another: You’ll see more ads. But not just any ads. Twitter, a company that could have easily gone public years ago, waited until it had a type of ad that was truly its own. A type of ad that at least has the possibility of making real money, rather than just a lot of money, and the type of ad that nobody else could really sell. It had to monopolize something, and it did.

Agencies Use Content, Case Studies to Generate Leads (eMarketer)

LinkedIn leads as best social network for recruiting new business. For agencies targeting new business opportunities, the best tactics are a mix of traditional and new media—with a heavy emphasis on digital. According to a July 2013 survey of US agency executives from RSW/US, a business development firm, client case studies and content marketing posted on the agency website were the top two promotional tactics used to generate leads, cited by 62.6% of respondents each.

Make way for a new social media icon: the interrobang (The Guardian)

At the risk of making my life sound more exciting than it really is, around once a week I find myself staring at my laptop keyboard wondering which of the symbols staring back at me – not to mention those only conjured into existence via complex keystrokes – will be the next big thing. I think of the @ symbol, which found relevance in email addresses after years in the wilderness, and I consider the #, which only went truly mainstream when Twitter hashtags arrived, and this year achieved the ultimate accolade of being featured in a album title.

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