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Rallyverse Roundup: Paying The Bills (And Then Some) With Vine

By , on March 10, 2014 at 4:00 pm

In today’s Roundup, we meet some folks who are making a living by being witty on Vine, explore how enterprise social networks can be a great tool for finding great job candidates, debate the meaning of “quality” content, and point you toward some cool original video content from NASA.

Alyson Shontell / Business Insider : Young stars of Vine turn comedy into a business with sponsored videos and trips Meet The Stars Of Vine: These Kids Have Millions Of Followers And Make Eye-Popping Amounts Of Money For 16 year-old Lauren Giraldo, $2,000 isn’t hard to come by. All she has to do is press
Mar 9, 7:45 AM

Sure, everyone was going to get there 15 seconds of fame in the future, but what about just getting 6 seconds of fame? Does that still count? And can you really make a living doing it? The answer is a resounding yes, and in this article you meet a few folks who are paying their bills and then some based on their Vine audiences.

If you aren’t leveraging enterprise social networks in your employee referral program, you could be missing out on a powerful tool for finding great talent.
Top News
Mar 10, 6:15 AM

Sure, we all know that referrals from your current employees can be a great source of job candidates. But how do you motivate your team to recommend great folks to the HR department? This article suggests that your enterprise social network is a great place to create and reward demand for job referrals — and that most employers aren’t yet taking advantage of this resource.

2014 is the year of content quality. Here’s the content quality definition as given by 25 content marketing experts. The post Content Quality Definition: 25 Experts Weigh In appeared first on Heidi Cohen .
Heidi Cohen
Mar 10, 7:00 AM

What counts as “quality” content? 25 Experts Weigh In. And while the answers tend to vary, we can recommend points of view that include suggestions that you entertain or inform and/ or be original and add a unique point of view to any issue or topic.

An educational video from NASA found viral success earlier this month thanks to a bunch of video game references — but “Fusion vs. Fission” is only the agency’s latest star-studded short.
Mar 9, 8:01 AM

Everyone is talking Cosmos today (the ones who aren’t talking True Detective, at least), but NASA has been doing a nice job with original video content for a while now.

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