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Rallyverse Roundup: Marketers Talk Content Curation, and The Year Of Social HR

By , on January 7, 2014 at 11:23 am

Brrrrrrrrrrr! Hope you’re surviving the Arctic Vortex and staying warm today. In the Roundup, we’ve got great stats on what marketers are saying and thinking on content curation, some great insights on social HR, a list of 2013’s best content marketing, and a recipe for a Twitter-themed cake. Because who doesn’t want cake?

Most marketers (57%) say they should share 10 or more pieces of content per day to properly engage with their customers, according to a recent report by Trapit . Asked how many pieces of content a company needs to share/curate, survey respondents suggested numbers ranging from 0 to 135, with the most common response being 10 pieces of content (19% of respondents). Nearly half of marketers surveyed (45%) say they are unable to meet their curation goals and admit their companies do not share as much content as they should. Below, additional key findings from the report , which was based on data from a survey of 131 US marketers. 74% of marketers surveyed say curation is an important part of their content strategy. 54% agree automation is important for effective content curation. 53% believe content curation is becoming less effective because of content saturation. 82% of survey respondents say content is more likely to be consumed if it is visual. 49% say mobile content consumption habits will displace traditional discovery routes. Time Spent on Content Marketing.
Jan 7, 10:31 AM

What do marketers say about content curation? That it’s important, that they would ideally like to be sharing at least 10 stories per day, and that it needs to be visual.

In 2013, organizations finally began in earnest to integrate social technologies into recruitment, development and engagement practices. In 2014, this social integration will become the status quo. The digital immigrants have now caught up to the…
Online Media
Jan 7, 8:08 AM

Social media isn’t just for sales and marketing anymore. Smart HR departments everywhere are using social channels to communicate with current employees and attract new ones.

Social media thrives on one thing: accessibility. Whether it’s seeing the biggest stars’ daily routines or scoring the scoop from a trusted reporter, people want to feel in touch and informed — down to the second. Your Twitter followers want all of these things from your brand. But they want something else, too: They want […] Related Stories Ads in Social Media: Do they get Enough Bang for their Buck? The Six Biggest Trends In Social That Will Blow Your Mind Why Your Business Needs A Link Building Strategy
Social Media Explorer
Jan 7, 6:00 AM

It’s way too easy to take a risk-averse/ don’t-say-anything approach to your social media strategy. Here’s the case for being open and willing to take fun risks in social media.

The hands down best content marketing of 2013 selected & explained by 19 experts. Also, includes the 5 key elements that make the best content marketing. The post 5 Key Elements That Make The Best Content Marketing appeared first on Heidi Cohen .
Heidi Cohen
Jan 6, 8:00 PM

Who did a great job in Content Marketing in 2013? Heidi Cohen talked to 19 industry experts and asked them for their favorite content marketing from last year.

[Click here to view the video in this article] Ann Riordan , who previously taught us how to make an ‘ Instagram ’, is back with another awesome cake recipe. In her latest video, she teaches us how to make a mouth-watering ‘Twitter cake’ from white chocolate mousse and white chocolate creameux. Click to watch the recipe below: [via YouTube ]
TAXI Daily News
Jan 7, 3:55 AM

How To Make A Tweet-Worthy ‘Twitter Cake’, because, well, Twitter Cake! Yum.

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