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Rallyverse Roundup: Learning To Love Generation Selfie

By , on March 18, 2014 at 12:05 pm

In today’s Roundup, we’re learning to love Generation Selfie , sharing some content marketing lessons from your Mother, checking out a sneak preview of a new Facebook feature, and marveling at just how often we all check our phones.

Why I Heart Generation Selfie Daily Beast Does it strike anyone else as odd that selfies clearly less the product of rising narcissism and more the product of the same awesome technology that empowers citizens to capture cops beating the shit of innocent peoplehave emerged as this year’s … and more
Mar 18, 6:48 AM

In the wake of the New York Times and others publishing judgy commentary on a new Pew study on Millennials, Nick Gillespie at The Daily Beast┬ácomes to the Millennials’ defense, and reminds us that we can’t be surprised that Millennials are turning away from previous generations’ values and institutions, especially when a lot of those values and institutions are failing us all so badly.

13 Content Marketing Lessons from Your Mother Marketing Land Maybe you grew up watching The Golden Girls (or reruns) and can hear those voices in your head. Maybe you’ve never heard of Sophia and Dorothy, the sitcom mother-daughter duo who traded retorts like nerds trade Magic: The Gathering cards that is, …
Mar 18, 8:07 AM

Mother knows best in this fun list of content marketing lessons built from the sorts of things our mothers always told us. Our favorites definitely included, “If You Keep Making That Face, It’ll Freeze That Way,” and “I’m Not Asking, I’m Telling.”

Don’t want all your friends to see your photos? That’s a big reason Snapchat has become so popular, and now Facebook wants to capitalize on more private sharing. Facebook for iOS 8.0 offers an easy “Share with only these friends” option, allowing you to select specific people who you want your photo to appear to in News Feed. The selector works and even looks a bit like Snapchat. Read More
TechCrunch ┬╗ Social
Mar 17, 9:49 PM

Everyone wants to do what everyone else does: Facebook v8 For iOS lets you share photos only with certain people. It’s almost like you’re…e-mailing them a photo.

Consumers’ media consumption takes place across many platforms, but it’s often mobile that connects the media moments of our lives. Sponsored by Millennial Media. The post We check our phones how many times a day? appeared first on Digiday .
Mar 18, 12:00 AM

So the average person checks their phone 150 times per day? That’s, um, a lot. But hey, what else are we supposed to do while we wait for elevators and subways?

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