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Rallyverse Roundup: Is Facebook Out Of The Social Media Business?

By , on April 3, 2014 at 11:49 am

In today’s Roundup, we’re wondering if Facebook is out of the social media business, checking to see if watching TV might actually be better for kids than playing with your iPad, getting excited for the new Mike Judge startup show, and sharing even more Game Of Thrones humor.

Are Twitter and Pinterest on their way out and is there room for other social networks? These were among the topics that advertising and marketing executives tackled on a panel discussion on day two of Ad Ages Digital Conference. The panelists included Bob Lord, CEO of AOL Platforms; Scott Galloway of L2ThinkTank; Kelly Mooney, CEO []
Apr 3, 11:35 AM

I mean, when you dial down everyone’s organic distribution and tell them to buy reach from you, you can’t be surprised when folks say things like, “Facebook has acknowledged that social marketing is BS and brands are using it like any other media platform.”

Whenever we worry that smartphones, omnipresent screens, and video games galore are ruining our children, parents cling to a narrative that goes something like this: Im freaking out like the parents of every generation. Digital devices are just this eras version of the car, the telephone, or TV. I used to feel better thinking that. But []
Quartz ยป Technology
Apr 3, 11:35 AM

Watching TV better for kids than an iPad? Wait, that can’t be right. Why? Because: “What kids are really interacting with? Ads. Constantly.” Oh.

Silicon Valley, Mike Judges New Series, Debuts on HBO. There is no epiphanic moment of invention in Silicon Valley , Mike Judge s new HBO comedy series about the socially awkward, emerging center of the world. Remember the lightbulb-flash scene in The Social Network, A Beautiful Mind or any other pop-cultural depiction of high-functioning nerdery, the moment when, in a fit of mania and caffeine, our hero scribbles out some groundbreaking bit of math on a slab of glass? In Silicon Valley, as in Silicon Valley, the process of discovering the next big thing is much more authentically dull. Richard, our hero here a quiet coder played by Thomas Middleditch, looking uncomfortable in his own skin creates a search engine that allows musicians to find out if their songs sound too much like other peoples music. Its an idea that everyone tells him has no future, because musicians dont really care if theyre stealing. But buried inside the search engine is a technology of true genius, a system that would instantly shrink any file on the Internet to half its size, allowing faster uploads and downloads of everything. Richard, though, cant fathom the worth of his own ideas, and hes shocked when the industrys most ruthless billionaires start bidding for his work. From left, Kumail Nanjiani, Thomas Middleditch, Martin Starr, Josh Brener and T. J. Miller in Silicon Valley. People whove spent time in the tech industry will recognize Richards type: the too-smart programmer whos blind to the world, the guy who insists that tech innovations ought to triumph over business acumen.
Apr 3, 11:35 AM

Get your TPS reports ready for Sunday night when Mike Judge’s new show about startups debuts on HBO. We’d hate to rely too much on our Jump To Conclusions doormat, but we’re pretty sure we’re going to like this.

Game of Phones is wonderful . And pretty accurate! Season three spoilers, here (I mean, I guess…). More great emoji stuff from Cara Rose DeFabio can be found here . (h/t @jennydeluxe )
BuzzFeed – Tech
Apr 3, 11:35 AM

In the future, we’ll all communicate exclusively in crudely drawn pictograms. Winter is coming!

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