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Rallyverse Roundup: How Small Companies Can Earn Big Content Marketing ROI

By , on April 2, 2014 at 12:45 pm

In today’s Roundup, we’ve got some thoughts on how small companies can scale their small teams and small budgets to earn big ROI in content marketing, details on how data scientist is a hot job title, stats on just how much time is spent in apps versus the web on mobile devices, and more Game of Thrones goodness to get you fired up for Sunday night.

How to Identify Successful Content & Increase Your Content Marketing ROI Search Engine Journal Content marketing has become such an important part of online marketing strategies, but many companies are still finding challenges as they attempt to incorporate it into their marketing effort. content marketing ROI How to Identify Successful Content …
Apr 2, 12:22 PM

How to increase your content marketing ROI, even with a small staff? Consistency of delivery matters, as does being smart about recycling your existing content assets where appropriate. Yup, we agree.

The rise of big data has made statisticians into celebrities — employable ones at that, as companies face an unprecedented onslaught of information. Now, publishers are catching up. They’re hiring experts to help with everything from storytelling to subscriber retention to online engagement. Meet the media’s data scientists and what theyre working on. The post Meet the new media darling: in-house data scientists appeared first on Digiday .
Apr 2, 12:22 PM

In-house data scientists are apparently the new black, at least for publishers who are trying to figure out what content works and what doesn’t. So maybe it isn’t a full-on trend quite yet, but we can at least call it a something that might be a trend soon?

Everyone is freaking out about this chart from…
Marketing & Advertising
Apr 2, 12:22 PM

Stuff you should know: only 14% of time on mobile devices is spent in the mobile web. The rest of the time is hoovered up by apps. Plan accordingly.

Israeli graphic designer and illustrator Mordi Levi is a fan of popular TV show Game of Thronesinspired by the resemblance between the visual identities of family houses in the series and that of large corporations, he has created the Game of Firms project. Re-imagining the various houses as present day companies, he has produced images of branding materials for each of them, from logos to packaging and advertising. For instance, the wealthy Lannisters are now manufacturers of luxury sports cars while the winter-ready Starks are producing hardy cold weather outerwear. We have previously featured a similar project by Shutterstockyou can read about it here . View all of the images from Game of Firms here which is your favorite Game of Thrones-inspired company? [via Mordi Levi ]
TAXI Daily News
Apr 2, 12:22 PM

Winter is coming! Your favorite houses from Westeros go corporate in this post, complete with logos, slogans and sample products.

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