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Rallyverse Roundup: Goodbye Old Twitter, “Trending” Facebook, Robot Friends

By , on September 3, 2013 at 12:18 pm

Hope you’re all back — or nobly attempting to get back — in the groove of things after a long Labor Day weekend. Today’s Rallyverse Roundup says goodbye to the last piece of the original Twitter, takes a look at new updates to Facebook and LinkedIn, and fills us in on robots could be our new friends and co-workers in the near future. Finally!

The Last Remaining Piece of Original Twitter is Gone (BuzzFeed)

Twitter has systematically replaced each feature of its service with something else, sometimes very different, sometimes similar, but uncanny. Third-party apps are all but gone, and users have been ushered to simpler, more consistent official apps. Twitter hosts its own images and shortens its own URLs. Retweets are official and supported, not manual. The site design was replaced a few times over, and the original mobile app, based on Tweetie, was replaced by something webbier.

Facebook Is Testing a “Trending” Feature in the News Feed (Social Media Today)

Following on from the introduction of hashtags to the site in June, Facebook is experimenting with a new feature, similar to Twitter’s ‘what’s trending’, which lists, alongside the News Feed, popular topics being discussed on the site in real-time. The Wall Street Journal was the first publication to report the development, releasing the screenshot above, as well as an official comment from a Facebook spokesperson, who said that the social media giant would release further details if the feature was released globally.

LinkedIn to close publisher pages on LinkedIn Today and migrate followers to company pages instead (The Next Web)

LinkedIn plans to phase out publisher pages on its curated news portal LinkedIn Today, and migrate followers to company pages where possible. In an email sent to company page administrators, LinkedIn said the change will be rolled out across its business-focused social network this month.

Mobile Marketing Remains A Largely Untapped Opportunity For Marketers (Forbes)

Today mobile accounts for one out of every three internet usage minutes. This offers a massive opportunity for marketers who learn how to optimize customer mobile experiences to drive conversions. To push mobile from its current high traffic/ low conversion rates, marketers need to invest in a holistic approach. By adopting new methods of measuring activities across all channels — including search, social and mobile — brands can deliver a seamless experience.

New Software Could Turn Robots Into Friends and Co-Workers (Mashable)

It may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but British researchers are developing software to make robots so smart, they could become friends or even co-workers in the future. A program is underway at the University of Birmingham — along with the help of schools such as the University of Lincoln in England — to create robot “brains” intelligent enough to learn from their experiences; this could ultimately enable them to serve key roles in society, such as security guards or caretakers.

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