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Rallyverse Roundup: Do Not Fear the Zombie Content Apocalypse

By , on January 23, 2014 at 2:57 pm

In today’s Roundup, we’ve got some myth-busting about the content zombie apocalypse from Copyblogger, Mark Cuban explains why apps and social networks have him using Google less and less, an academic and gloomy prediction about the popularity of social networks, and (FINALLY) an awards show for GIFs.

Youve seen the conversation and heard the wild conjecture about the content apocalypse. Lets be honest. Marketing zombies caused this problem. Thats right, you heard me. Marketing zombies. Their undead shuffling has spammed the world with a ceaseless stream of bad posts, bad emails, bad white papers, and bad videos. Perfectly good marketers and writers [ Continue Reading… ] The post 8 Myths of the Zombie Content Apocalypse appeared first on Copyblogger . Related Stories The New Rainmaker: Why the Key to Business Success is Media, Not Marketing Striving for Authority Matt Cutts Declares Guest Blogging Done Are We All Screwed?
Jan 22, 8:00 PM

We’re sure you’ve heard the stories about the glut of content that’s going to ruin content markeitng for all of us? Yeah, remain calm and check out these 8 Myths of the Zombie Content Apocalypse from the folks at Copyblogger. It’s going to be okay.

How can that be?. Its because Google is late on everything. The latency on Google information relative to searches on Twitter (or hosts to the Twitter Firehose), Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook (although declining because they changed the search of public pages to hash tags), is long and important. Just a few short pre-Twitter, pre-app years ago, we could depend on the fact that if the information was important to even a small segment of the population someone would put it on a website and it would be indexed by Google and made available quickly if not in near real-time. When was the last time any of us updated a real website with current information? We say what we want to say on our social networks or on Twitter. I know the amount of posts I make on this blog has dropped considerably because it’s far easier to present my thoughts elsewhere. If Google isnt indexing what is said on Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest/Tumblr/Instagram/SnapChat/all the topic&affinity apps (your favorite team/band/etc.), and elsewhere, arent they missing most of the information that is being communicated in the world ?. If I want to know if anything noteworthy happened in an NBA game, the last place I would search is Google. I would search Twitter first. If I want to know if anything interesting happened at an event, the last place I would search is Google. That’s not to say I dont use Google.
Jan 23, 11:38 AM

More siloed information in apps, more real-time information that Google doesn’t do a good job indexing mean that Mark Cuban is using Google a little less than he used to.

Have you been infected with Facebook? Don’t worry, like a viral outbreak, Facebook use will explode before plummeting down to Myspace…
Top News
Jan 23, 8:51 AM

Achoo! This academic paper says that all social networks are destined to decline with age (like most everything else). How steep a decline? Expect Facebook user numbers to drop 80 percent by 2016? That seems like a lot.

Subscribe to Adweek Magazine and get the iPad edition for free!. January 23, 2014, 10:35 AM EST. Proving yet again that there’s no creative endeavor too specific to merit its own awards show, CP+B Los Angeles has launched the .GIFYS, honoring animated GIFs “as a medium, social commentary and art form.”. Panelists from Buzzfeed, Gawker, Mashable and elsewhere picked finalists in 12 categories. Cats get their own bracket, separate from the otherwise all-inclusive Animals, which will make those feline freaks even more insufferably smug than they already are. Other categories include News, Sports, Politics, WTF, GIF of the Year and Can’t Look Away (actually, in most cases, I couldthough not from that gal getting pelted by hot dogs). Vote for your favorites through month’s end. Unlike the seemingly endless Academy Awards ceremony, this ceremony is sure to be a brief one. You could screen the entire batch of nominees in just a few minutes. The whole show would be over in a .JIFFY!.
Jan 23, 12:11 PM

There’s Now an Award Show Honoring the Best Animated GIFs. Because, well, GIFs.

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